DMG MORI - MillTap 700 (944)

More information

x-travel 700mm
y-travel 420mm
z-travel 380mm
control Siemens 840 D sl 3D
distance spindle /table 200 - 580mm
Main spindle:
Number of revolutions 20 - 10.000rpm
max. Torque 78Nm
power capacity - main spindel 4,5kW
tool taper BT 30 JIS B 6339
work table:
table surface area 840 x 420mm
max. table load 300kg
T-slots 2x 14 x 100mm / M12
number of toolpositions 15pos.
max. tool diameter 80mm
max. tool length 250mm
max. tool weight 3kg
change-time chip to chip 1,5sec
Feed speed 1 - 60.000mm/min.
rapid traverse 60 / 60 / 60m/min
max. feed power 5.000N
total power requirement -kW
weight of the machine ca. 4,1t
dimensions of the machine ca. 3,0 x 3,0 x 2,8m
Chip conveyor
high pressure coolant40 bar
through spindle coolant
oil mist extraction
Airblow through center of spindle
hydr. Table-Clampingnur / only INTERFACE !