DUERR - Ecoclean Universal 81 W 1/2

More information

passage width 500mm
working heigth 300mm
charge size 670 x 480 x 200mm
control Siemens S7 (SPS)
max. charge weight 100kg
flow-rate 6 charges / h
throughfeed time ca. +/- 420sec.
wastage of air pressure 100l/h
Required air-pressure min. 6bar
wastage of fresh water 5l/h
connected load frequency 3 x 400V
engine output 9kW
filling amount 1: 490l
filling amount 2: 570l
cleansing medium Aquaclean (200 l)
heating capacity 7kW
heating capacity 7kW
heating capacity 14kW
heating capacity 20kW
Temperature range 50 - 75°C
Temperature range max. 130°C
temperature 100°C
heating-up period 3h
total power requirement 62kW
weight of the machine ca. 3,5 / 5,0t
dimensions of the machine ca. 4,0 x 1,8 x 2,5m