GILDEMEISTER - CTV 160 V4 (151 r)

More information

turning diameter 160mm
turning height 160mm
Control Sinumerik 840 D Siemens
max. swing diameter max. 200mm
axis stroke:
x-axis 575mm
y-axis +/- 90mm
z-axis 300mm
Main spindle:
turning speed range - main spindle max. 6.000min/-1
power capacity - main spindel 21 / 16kW
max. Torque 176Nm
spindle head 140h5
spindle diameter in front bearing 100mm
chucking diameter max. 200mm
C-Axis 0,001°
number of toolpositions 12pos.
Number of driven toolspositions 12pos.
Spindle speed - driven tool stations max. 4.000min -1
power capacity driven tool-stations 5,4kW
max. Torque 18Nm
Shank diameter DIN 69880: VDI 30mm
rapid traverse ( X / Y / Z ) 60 / 60 / 40m/min
Accelaration max. 6m/s²
feed power max. 6kN
total power requirement 40kVA
weight of the machine ca. 6,0t
dimensions of the machine ca. 6,5 x 4,5 x 3,0m
high pressure coolant20 bar
through spindle coolant
Chip conveyor
test probeRenishaw
Signal lamp - 4 colour
Tool drive mechanisum
glas gaugeY+Z
Workpiece-storage20 pos.