GILDEMEISTER - CTX 320 linear V5


More information

turning diameter max. 400mm
turning length 600mm
control 180i TB MG Fanuc
greates pass round over bed 500mm
Swing dia. over traverse guideway 300mm
centre distance 615mm
Main spindle:
turning speed range - main spindle 20 - 6.000min/-1
power capacity - main spindel 16kW
max. Torque 155Nm
spindle diameter in front bearing 100mm
spindle bore 68,5mm
max. bar capacity 52mm
usable bar diameter 52mm
spindle nose 140H5
max. chucking diameter 200mm
C-Axis 0,001°
Spindle speed range subspindle 20 - 6.000min/-1
power capacity - Sub spindle 7,5kW
max. Torque 48Nm
spindle diameter in front bearing 75mm
max. bar capacity ( 42 )mm
spindle nose 140H5
max. chucking diameter max. 165mm
C-Axis 0,001°
number of toolpositions 12pos.
Number of driven toolspositions 12pos.
Spindle speed - driven tools max. 5.000min -1
power capacity - driven tools 3,7kW
max. Torque 24Nm
tool taper VDI 30
Tool dimensions with square shank 20 x 20mm
axis stroke:
x-axis 160mm
z-axis 1: 450 / 2: 380mm
rapid traverse X: 60m/min
rapid traverse Z: 45m/min
Feed force X: 2,5kN
Feed force Z: 4kN
rapid traverse C: 2001/min
max. Torque C: 155Nm
total power requirement 32kVA
weight of the machine ca. 4,3t
dimensions of the machine ca. 8,0 x 3,0 x 2,7m
Chip conveyor
Coolantsystem12 bar
parts catcher
Tool drive mechanisum
bar feeder interface
bar feederIrco Breuning Profimat
hydraulic system
collet chuck2x Hainbuch Spanntop
hollow chuck unitVNK 130/52
Spindle-Reduction-Tubes6x (11,17,22,32,38,44)