MORI SEIKI - NT 4250 DCG / 1500 SZ

More information

turning diameter 660mm
turning length 1.542mm
control FanucSeries 31iA5 MAPPS III
greates pass round over bed 730mm
swing diameter over support 730mm
distance between spindles 1.862mm
max. bar capacity 80mm
Main drive 2
turning speed range - main spindle max. 4.000min/-1
power capacity - main spindel 22 / 18,5kW
no. of turning speeds 2
spindle nose JIS A2-8
spindle bore 91mm
spindle passage 80mm
usable bar diameter -mm
spindle bearing diameter 140mm
C-Axis 0,0001°
Milling Spindle:
Speed range Tool Spindle max. 12.000min/-1
Power rating Tool Spindle 18,5 / 11kW
tool taper Capto C6
internal diameter 70mm
B - Axis 0,001°
swivellable +/- 120°
axis stroke:
x-axis 750mm
y-axis 420 (+/- 210)mm
z-axis 1.550mm
number of toolpositions 12pos.
Shank height for square tool 25mm
Drill shank diameter max. 50mm
Driven Tool Stations:
Number of driven toolspositions 12pos.
tool spindle speed range max. 6.000min/-1
power capacity - workpiece power 5,5 / 3,7kW
tool magazin:
tools in tool magazin 100pos.
max. tool diameter 70mm
max. tool-dia with free toolbox 140mm
max. tool length 400mm
max. tool weight 8kg
change-time tool to tool 1,25sec
Rapid traverse X / Z: 50m/min
Rapid traverse Y: 30m/min
Rapid traverse X2 / Z2: 30m/min
total power requirement ca. 60kVA
weight of the machine ca. 25,2t
dimensions of the machine ca. 7,0 x 4,0 x 3,0m
Chip conveyor
high pressure coolant
hydraulic system
Automatic Tool Changer100 pos.
steady rest
paper band filter