CHIRON - FZ 15 S High Speed

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x-travel 550mm
y-travel 400mm
z-travel 425mm
control TNC 426 MHeidenhain
Main spindle:
turning speed range 20 - 12.000U/min
power capacity - main spindel 14 / 9,5kW
max. Torque 90Nm
tool taper SK 40
table surface area 1.050 x 450mm
max. table load 500kg
T-slots 2x 18 H12, 1x 18 H8
NC-Rotary table:
table surface area 610 x 240mm
centre height 165mm
faceplate diameter 160mm
bore 4x M10
number of toolpositions 20pos.
max. tool diameter 65mm
max. tool-dia with free toolbox 175mm
max. tool weight 2,5kg
change-time chip to chip 2,1sec
change-time tool to tool 0,9sec
rapid traverse ( X / Y / Z ) 60m/min
Accelaration 1g
bore capacity in St 60 - full boring 36mm
threading M 24
cutting capacity 300cm³/min
total power requirement 18kVA
weight of the machine ca. 7,0t
dimensions of the machine ca. 4,5 x 2,5 x 3,2m
Automatic Tool Changer20pos.
tool settingRenishaw TS 27 R
NC-rotary tableAWU 160 P
Spray gun