OKUMA - SpaceTurn LB 300 MC / 1000

More information

turning diameter 340mm
turning length 1.000mm
control OSP E 100 L
greates pass round over bed 530mm
Swing dia. over traverse guideway 420mm
distance between spindles 1.020mm
axis stroke:
x-axis 260 (185 + 75)mm
z-axis 1.020mm
C-Axis 360°
Main spindle:
turning speed range - main spindle 38 - 3.800min/-1
power capacity - main spindel 22 / 15kW
transmission ratio 1
spindle nose JIS A2-8
spindle bearing diameter 120mm
max. usable bar diameter 70mm
C - Axis 0,001°
chucking diameter 250mm
number of toolpositions 12pos.
Number of driven toolspositions 12pos.
Shank diameter 25mm
Drill shank diameter 40mm
tool taper VDI 40
Spindle speed - driven tool stations 45 - 4.500min -1
power capacity - driven tool-stations 5,5 / 3,3kW
diameter of quill 90mm
quill stroke 120mm
taper of center MT 5
rapid traverse ( X / Y / Z ) 20 / 10 / 25m/min
rapid traverse C-axis 200min/-1
feed speeds 0,001 - 1.000.000mm/min
total power requirement 25kVA
weight of the machine ca. 7,9t
dimensions of the machine ca. 6,0 x 3,0 x 2,5m
C-axis360 x 0,001°
hydraulic system
Three Jaw ChuckSMW AutoBlok
fixed tool-holders10x
Chip conveyor