KONRAD SEIDLER - Vertimaxx 3000

More information

faceplate diameter 3.000mm
swing diameter 3.200mm
turning height 2.200mm
Control 840 D ShopTurnSiemens
cross rail adjustment 1.500mm
tool travel 1.250mm
faceplate turning speed range 0 - 120U/min
power capacity 75kW
Driven Tool Stations:
speeds 10 - 3.000U/min
output 22kW
max. Torque 320Nm
tool adaptor HSK 160(VDI 60)
tool magazin:
number of toolpositions 16pos.
weight of tools max. 25kg
total power requirement -kW
weight of the machine ca. 36t
dimensions of the machine ca. 6,0 x 6,0 x 3,5m
Chip conveyor
hydraulic system
Tool Magazine16 pos.
tool holdersdiv.