Social Engagement

We support the Christoph Metzelder Stiftung


The Christoph Metzelder Stiftung, founded in 2006, helps children and youths in their academic and personal lives. It advocates on behalf of them to make sure they have the equal chances for success at the beginning of their careers. The fund focuses on projects in the areas of education, vocational training and migration. In all of the funding areas, the individual development of young people stands at the center of our work.


Education of the most important „raw material” of a responsible society. For that reason, the Christoph Metzelder Stiftung funds facilities for children and youths that devote their energy to homework help and individual tutoring. This funding and support helps bridge the gap between school and work.

Vocational Training

„People who practice a vocation, who fulfill it and satisfy it, are able to take on responsibility and to make themselves an active part of society,” says Christoph Metzelder. Against this background, the Christoph Metzelder Stiftung funds projects that prepare youths for their careers on a targeted and individual basis.


Due to the rising number of children and youth with immigrant backgrounds, the topics integration and migration will be a central focus for our society in the future.

Therefore, the Christoph Metzelder Stiftung supports projects that not only provide help young immigrants in their academic and vocational training, but also help them to organize their independent lives in Germany.